Standard Munitions Supply Company, LLC. was founded in June 2016 in Bakersfield, California and has quickly become a major supplier in the online ammunition sales industry. It is owned and operated by former Law Enforcement and Military Personnel. If you are a part of any military branch, A U.S. veteran or emergency services personnel, we provide an exclusive discount for you! Contact us for more information.


It all started in mid-2016, an election year, when California’s Lieutenant Governor, Gavin Newsom proposed major gun control legislation, Proposition 63. We knew California would most likely pass the ill-named “Safety For All” act, and the government was going to start tracking every ammunition purchase. We are a couple of strong advocates of the Bill of RIghts,  and we knew this was an encroachment on the second and fourth amendment.

We were already buying ammunition wholesale through the business and supplying family, friends and coworkers with great deals, but our company needed to expand that option to others around California. Building our web presence and seeing the first online sale come in through our site was a huge rush! So exciting! We began expanding our inventory and working ways to provide the best prices to our loyal customers.

Once we were satisfied with the cost, we expanded our reach to everyone in the United States. It was a huge moment! Now, with few exceptions, we can ship to anyone in the United States!

It was not without its struggles, however. Entering into an established market can be difficult, and advertising agencies wanted nothing less than my soul to get my name out there. We found that working with other entrepreneurs really made a difference. Now, we’re in over 40 states across the country, shipping ammo at great prices and exercising the hell out of our Second Amendment rights!

Thanks for taking the time read and let us know if we can answer any questions,
Charles S. & Gary F.

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  • Bob Feder Reply

    Way to go.Are we legal to buy in Pa. ?

    January 16, 2018 at 2:44 pm

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